Major increase of NH schools in need of "Improvement"

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Major increase of NH schools in need of "Improvement"

Postby Dennis King » Sat Apr 09, 2011 11:17 am

Here is an interesting article in todays Telegraph: ... dards.html

In addition to the fact that only one of all the schools in Nashua met the standard, all the rest are FAILING!

The most interesting part is the ultimate sanction that the unions fear most, CHARTER SCHOOLS.

Seems the no child left behind act will put up with 10 years of failing schools but then no more!

We must fire bad teachers, tenure is a problem not only for our kids but also for the GOOD TEACHERS out there.

We all know who they are. The ones who always stay late helping a kid who fell behind, who spend hours after school working on lesson plans and getting related materials to expand learning and excite the students. There is a fire in them and all the students know it.

Then it is time to switch classes and now you have the old hack who drones on the same lessen plan they have given for 20 years, Ah yeah, big difference and for the sake of not only our kids but also the GREAT TEACHERS out there, we need to make sure all our kids have great teachers.

Time to either radically change public education or for charter schools to take over. For me, I can see a need for both but only with major changes to the benefits, pensions, and work rules. Let them handle "general education" and leave special ed, vocational ed, and college prep programs to the charters schools.
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