Is having the Budget Committee a good idea?

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Re: Is having the Budget Committee a good idea?

Postby andysinnh » Sat Feb 18, 2012 4:57 pm

Tim/Gary/et al -

After posting this, I went and reread the end of Tim's post - and specifically that we're all neighbors and we all have the district's best interests at heart. He's right, and for that I offer apologies for raising the rhetoric to levels that I don't normally do. Please accept them as sincere ones.

I guess it's goodness that we all care enough put our thoughts out there - and we all do care about the district and what it provides. The budget is always something people have viewpoints on - and in the end we want enough to do the job we all expect. By nature, I strive for consensus and increased visibility into the process - so that the rationale behind something is fully understood. My personal view is that reducing involvement isn't always goodness- you lose something. And that's my fear here.

Again, sorry for elevating this. Especially to Tim, who I value as someone who I can talk with on this and other issues. I want it to continue into the future.

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Re: Is having the Budget Committee a good idea?

Postby TonyRichardson » Sat Feb 18, 2012 5:29 pm

andysinnh wrote:

Gary - I just don't understand your reluctance to look at the bigger picture before getting rid of a governing body. Why the urgency? The picture isn't only the previous 5 years - but the 30 years before that - and the 10+ years to come.


One simple question. Just what "Big Picture" is in the BC's purview. The school board's purview is the "big Picture" for the schools not the budget committee. The BC has only one function, review the school budget and make recommendations. There is no big picture in there.

Obviously giving the taxpayers a break isnt in your purview either based on actions to date.
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Re: Is having the Budget Committee a good idea?

Postby ggkrupp » Sat Feb 18, 2012 5:36 pm

No worries Andy ... like you say, we are all trying to better the system here ... even if we disagree on how best to do that. :D
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