65 Million for public schools?

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Re: 65 Million for public schools?

Postby Jeannine Stergios » Thu Feb 10, 2011 11:07 am


Ever hear of Goffstown? Please butt out and stop trolling this website. You haven't lived here for years now.
Jeannine Stergios
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Re: 65 Million for public schools?

Postby RD » Thu Feb 10, 2011 12:11 pm

Jeannine Stergios wrote:RD

Ever hear of Goffstown? Please butt out and stop trolling this website. You haven't lived here for years now.

Matt's comments are germane to all towns, not just Merrimack.

And don't tell me what to do. I'll post here whenever I feel like it as long as Nat allows it.
"If you think teachers are your enemy, you should probably reassess who you think your friends are." - Chris Larson
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Re: 65 Million for public schools?

Postby RBarnes » Thu Feb 10, 2011 3:53 pm


There was a time when the Merrimack Journal was covering some of the talking points of even the lesser boards and committees each week. When Pat was working for the Telegraph I saw him at nearly every meeting I attended. He didn't show up for routine budget committee meetings but when the working sessions took place and the public hearing took place he was sitting in the audience taking notes and at a couple meetings asking questions for clarification during the public comment section of the meeting.

I haven't paid attention to who's in the crowd at recent Council meetings but the press aren't showing at school side meetings.

Since I saw better coverage in past years I do blame the press. They did horrible jobs from time to time, misquoted elected officials numerous times and sometimes out right got the facts wrong but at least they were there and stories were being written. Now I go to the Telegraph website and other then the story running today about the stipends there is no political news from Merrimack back to Jan 30th. Are we to believe that between then and now nothing but a couple routine crime stories was news worthy?
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Re: 65 Million for public schools?

Postby Fitzie » Thu Feb 10, 2011 4:00 pm

MattPublicover wrote:
Jeannine Stergios wrote:Why is it we manage to get these pro-spenders or relatives of teachers as Chairmen of the Budget Committee over and over again? WE need a change.

First of all, I do not believe that the people who are incensed about taxes and eager to slash the school budget represent the majority view of this town. I believe you are a minority.

Second, DO NOT blame the people on the Budget Committee if they do not represent your views. I have been elected twice, and each time I had NO OPPOSITION. Four people running for four seats. Last year there were two more candidates than seats to be filled, the previous year I think one. If those of the anti-tax viewpoint feel they are not represented on the budget committee, it is because they have made insufficient effort to participate in the real government process (which is not the Forum).

It is not our fault that we had little to no opposition -- it is the fault of anyone who does not agree with our viewpoints. It is not my job to serve on this committee any more than it is the job of every other resident in town. Town government is everyone's responsibility. The few who have been elected to this committee are the ones who stepped forward, not the ones who did nothing. You don't like us? Run against us! See if the majority agrees with you.

For a representative democracy to work, voters need to be able to choose from among a variety of candidates representing a variety of viewpoints. If you have 4 candidates for 4 seats, you have no choice. If you have 10 candidates but your viewpoint is not represented, shame on the people who are in your camp for not stepping forward to participate.

At last night's public hearing, we had NO public comment. From anyone, pro or con. I don't want to hear that "it wouldn't have made any difference." If a person believes he can't make a difference ... then he won't.

On the committee, there are at present two members who showed themselves willing to try to reduce the budgets.I disagreed with them, I voted against their proposals, but I respect their right to make the attempt. At least they, like me, believe this committee really should have some authority, and should use it.

The other night, we had 11 members present. Six votes would have been a majority. If the tax hawks had managed to come up with 4 other members over the past 3 years ... the budget would have been reduced last week.

You sit on the sidelines, you can't call the plays. Six positions on the budget committee will be up for grabs this year, at least half without an incumbent. If you want to win, get in the game, folks!

I have to agree with my fellow troller RD that this posting was tremendously well put together. If Nat ever puts together a Hall of Fame this should make the top 10 in the "Reality" category.
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