Do you want accountability in our schools?

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Should Merrimack teachers and administrators be accountable for delivering measurable academic results?

1> Yes
2> No
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Postby Ken Coleman » Mon Mar 12, 2007 5:33 pm

But my answer if I did answer the poll would have been yes of course.

Ken Coleman
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Postby uscitizen03054 » Tue Mar 13, 2007 5:59 am

Ken Coleman wrote:The issue is not test scores, nor is it lack of an evaluation plan. What I have tried to point out here is that you are all off base regarding the real issues. We have good evaluation plans in place and test scores are one factor looked at by administration. THE ADMIN ISTRATION KNOWS WHO ARE BEST TEACHERS ARE. WHO ARE AVERAGE TEACHERS ARE AND WHO THE POOR PERFORMERS ARE.

Here is the REAL issue with staff improvement. While it is possible to get rid of an under performing teacher (Which to their credit the administration has in Merrimack) it is VERY difficult to do so. You need to go through a remediation process and even if that fails, the teacher in question has lots of process leavers they can pull to either drag out the process or fight the termination. If the administration does ANYTHING wrong in this lengthily process, it starts over at a minimum. What this means is that;

1. Administrators in General are discouraged from going though the process

2. They only tend to go after the worst cases as these have the best chance for success.

As I said before we have an extensive evaluation process. The issue above is how state law handles teaching staff and in Merrimack there is nothing that can be done about this.

I was very active as a school board member trying to get the legislature to change these laws. As I am no longer there I have to hope others are being a vocal.

In Summary, with all due respect, those of you who think the problem with bad staff retention is that there is not a good evaluation process and that the administration does not know the performance level of teachers are just plain wrong.

Ken Coleman

Ken thank you for commenting. I still would like to see the evaluations be a bit more open and quantitative. However, you have hit the nail on the head in terms of the union being an impediment to progress. I for one never understood how teachers who consider themselves to be professionals form and belong to unions. Given last week’s call to 'arms' by the union, we can see how detrimental they are to the educational process.
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Postby Ken Coleman » Tue Mar 13, 2007 6:11 am

US About the SD Meeting

I can ID most of the teachers we have in the district (I was on SB for 14 years!). I will tell you that there were NOT that many teachers in the crowd. The biggest group of people in the crowd were parents!

And as a side note, I know of at least some teachers who I am sure voted against the additional money.

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Postby Michael Pelletier » Tue Mar 13, 2007 8:26 am

Ken Coleman wrote:The biggest group of people in the crowd were parents!

If they're not willing to do this to pay for their own children's schooling:


... then why are they willing to hire people to do it for them?

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Postby Jeannine Stergios » Tue Mar 13, 2007 10:18 am


There are many in town who could care less about their neighbors.
It's all about them and what they want. Very self-serving and selfish.

Nothing personal against Mulligan but how many people in this town can retire at 57 and get almost 93K per year for a pension?

I really don't want to hear any more whining about teachers and poor pay for anyone who is a town employee.
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Postby andysinnh » Tue Mar 13, 2007 12:52 pm

Read this article today on MSNBC. I'm not convinced the continued point about foreclosures/bankrupcy in relationship to Merrimack taxes is a completely relevant arguement.....
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Postby Michael Pelletier » Tue Mar 13, 2007 2:54 pm

You go personally and knock on someone's door who's struggling through a financial disaster and demand that they give you ten bucks for a new library, and threaten them with various penalties if they don't cough it up, and tell me how relevant it is or isn't.

It's a lot less awkward when they just send the demand on letterhead, or by raising a pink card with an "M" on it, instead of making the demand in person, face to face, but it's the same basic idea.

I know someone personally who is being forced to leave Merrimack due to financial hardship - their house in a neighborhood off Bedford Road is for sale after only nine months there. They're going to move back to a small condo in Nashua until they can recover from his recent job loss.

If you know anyone who's looking to hire someone fluent in Portugese, Spanish, and English, let me know.
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