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I'd like to share a letter from the March 5th Telegraph: ... -1/opinion

Thomas McDonough, Merrimack

Published: Monday, Mar. 5, 2007

Merrimack voters will have the opportunity to voice their opinions on next year’s school district budget at the school district deliberative session on Wednesday, March 7

For those unfamiliar with the process so far, the Merrimack School Board has utilized a time-intensive approach of disassembling last years budget, examining each part and then reconstructing it, making certain that each part was appropriate and necessary.

This comprehensive review resulted in the elimination of 15 positions, a spending proposal that meets the needs of students while realizing economies that benefit the community.

The proposal was then forwarded to the school district budget committee, which reviewed the budget and passed it along without changes for consideration by the voters at the deliberative session.

Additional cuts to the proposed budget were considered and rejected by both the school board and the budget committee. Reducing the budget any further would lead to additional reductions in staff, increased class size and the elimination of programs.

Communities do few things more important than providing high-quality educational opportunities to their children, and Merrimack voters have consistently supported a strong, effective school system. That existing system can be maintained by supporting the budget proposed by the school board at the deliberative session on Wednesday.

The deliberative session provides citizens with the opportunity to make changes to the bottom line of the school budget. It is possible for like-minded individuals to make dramatic changes to the budget unless budget supporters are present to oppose those changes. To ensure that the proposed budget passes unaltered, supporters must attend the March 7 meeting.

Much has been written about an anti-tax sentiment in Merrimack, the tail currently wagging the dog in our town. The school board has acknowledged that trend and has responded appropriately by proposing a budget that is prudent and restrained while avoiding the drastic cuts that would devastate the school system.

Please attend the deliberative session and vote in favor of the school budget.
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