Dwyer Pledges to Introduce Toll Legislation in the Senate

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Dwyer Pledges to Introduce Toll Legislation in the Senate

Postby ggkrupp » Fri Sep 07, 2012 7:33 am

If you are an undeclared or Republican voter from Merrimack, let me encourage you to vote next Tuesday (Sept 11th) in the Republican Primary. One of our own town councilors, Dan Dwyer, is in a tough senate race against a well-funded opponent and needs our support. I think he is a great candidate for many reasons but one thing I think just about all Merrimack residents can agree on is that we have not had enough (any) help in the Senate to get a toll relief solution passed. Read Dan's pledge to work tirelessly to solve the Merrimack toll problem and please consider voting for him next week. Remember that there is only a single polling location now at the Masticola Upper Elementary school.

Gary G. Krupp

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