Comcast: Inflation by Subtraction

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Comcast: Inflation by Subtraction

Postby Speeder » Wed Mar 02, 2011 9:32 am

I have the second-to-cheapest TV package from Comcast (digital economy). Up until about a week ago, this included On Demand, which had recordings of shows on the channels I was paying for.

I noticed that the On Demand menu wasn't working, so I rebooted the box a couple times, to no avail, then called Comcast. They stated that I, as well as "a lot of other people", had been recieving On Demand for free, in error. Apparently this had been going on for some time.

Looking back to my December 2009 bill, they had sent out a detailed listing of the prices for Merrimack. On Demand was listed as "Free" (of course, we're all still paying for it...). Apparently, On Demand went from being "Free" to being "Not Free" at some point, although I never noticed it on any of my bills. Aside from being sneaky, it amounts to a cost increase by slowly eroding the services provided for the same amount of money. Anyway, since I don't have a listing of the current prices for Merrimack, i called Comcast back to request that information. They will send it to me in the mail (they dont have email, apparently).

Just a heads-up to others who have noticed On Demand or other services not working. Instead of increasing prices, which everyone notices, they reduce service instead, which not as many people notice or care about. As someone who ordered 1-2 pay movies from them a month, it's annoying since i no longer have that option. it also seems a stupid business decision as they've taken away the option for X number of people to purchase content from them, when the technology is already in place.
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