Comcast DVR free for 1 year

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Comcast DVR free for 1 year

Postby pumbaa » Wed Sep 16, 2009 9:19 am

If you are thinking of upgrading to an HD DVR from Comcast, they have a free for 1 year promo going on (don't know for how long). They won't tell you about it over the phone, but I decided to spend the extra $7.95/month and brought my old box to the Manchester office, and they offered me the DVR free for a year. That means my bill will actually go down by the $7.00 I was paying for my regular HD box.

It pays to stop in. A few months back, when the "Shaq & Stien" promos were going on, they told me over the phone it was for new customers only. I had to retun a defective box, and without me asking they offered up a 1 year deal for $29.95 vs. the $68 or so I was paying, with a 2nd year at $39.95. Sorry, but I think that one is over now.
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