Comcast issues

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Comcast issues

Postby Michael Thompson » Fri May 25, 2007 1:40 pm

I recently had the phone service added by Comcast. I know have issues with my bill tha is always fun.

I started to get charged for an HDTV box after the install which had never shown up before. Only the charge for the DVR box, when I brought this up the customer rep stated that since you have a DVR Box you have HDTV. I questioned this since I don't need HD and I haven't been charged in the past for it. I asked if he was 100% sure since the box is a year old and from Adelphia, he said yes.

Does anyone know if he is correct or not? I plan to find the model and research it this weekend.

Oh and I also got charged for the install of another outlet on the bill for $13.95. I explained that there is no new outlet and was told it was a new outlet for the new HDTV box that I have. I don't have a new HDTV box.

OH what fun!
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Postby andysinnh » Fri May 25, 2007 1:55 pm

If I remember correctly, they make DVR boxes to use without HDTV, and Adelphia may have even offered them. But I also remember seeing something right after the Comcast takeover saying that DVR service required HDTV service (although my brain might be fuzzy on it). So it sounds like it was Comcast's decision to make DVR have a prerequisite of the HD service....

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Postby joe179 » Sat May 26, 2007 7:16 am


It sounds like your account may have undergone a Comcast adjustment due to the addition of your phone service.

A couple months back I went into the Merrimack Comcast office to ask about a second HD box. I was told the cost and the associated account fees/adjustments which I thought were expensive. I was told that people in Merrimack are "grandfathered" from Adelphia and if a service was added to my account the new fees would take effect. I decided to forego the second box and wait until the grandfathered period comes to an end...

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Postby Michael Thompson » Sat May 26, 2007 7:44 am

After looking at my box it is hd ready. So if I have to pay for a service I'm not going to use I may look into Tivo.
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Postby JMac1000 » Sat May 26, 2007 7:58 am


I recently went upgraded my box to a DVR that is "HD ready". I am told because I have digital cable the increase is just $9.95 per month. There would be no charge for HD, as I do not yet have HDTV. I am not expecting to be charged for HD, as that is a seperate package. I think you were told the wrong information. However, I will soon find out when my bill arrives. You should also know that Dish Network offers DVR functionality for no additonal charge, and their prices overall are generally lower than Cable by about 15 - 20%, and you can get the local stations, except for the Community stations and NECN. The only reason why I am using Cable is that I like the ON Demand, a lot, as it is convenient, if you do not have the time to watch much TV, and you cannot get that with Dish, or Direct TV.

Should I get charged for HD, I will do the same as you, and cancel the service. I am not expecting to get charged for HD. I you find anything else out, let me know. I refuse to pay more than what I was quoted.

As I mentioned before, I think Comcast should be applauded for putting their good jobs, and benefits right here in New England, including 650 of them in Manchester, instead of Mississippi, or overseas. I think it would be great if Merrimack could capture some of that. I am sure they have their own business reasons for their local strategy. I do not really care. I DO NOT work there, but to me this counts for something, and I am willing to pay slightly more because of that. However, if I get charged for HD, though I do not have it, that will be another story, and like yourself, I would refuse that.
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