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Postby pointman » Fri May 21, 2004 7:55 am

On the surface it seems logical & similar to the education funding issue. However, with education there are fedral laws which manadate an equitable access to a public education, so the state must adhere to that. I'm not sure the same holds true for equatable access to roads.

Also, in the past, our reps & BOS have stated that a lawsuit cannot bve brought by town officials, it must be brought by individual citizens. It would be great to see a group formed with people that have some resources to get this started.
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Postby Storytjdsa1 » Mon May 24, 2004 7:36 am

I have some suggestions for consideration.
1st) I do believe there are federal laws on the books about monies for state highways, but I not sure the exact language.
My memory recalls that if the highway is desgniated by the state (any state) as a federally funded highway then the state cannot charge tolls to maintain it. The logic is our federal gasoline tax dollars that are return to each of the state thru highway maintance block grants (all states get them). I believe this concept all started when the highway system was first devised way before my time.
Maybe one of our savy legislators can have a state or federal researcher find the exact wording and interpetation.
I recall this was a big issue long time ago when the state of CT did away with their tolls on I-95 b/c they wanted to clean up their air pollution problem with so much traffic at the 6-8 tolls the had in place. They did it and the federal govt started giving the more federal highway monies to cover their annual maintainance cost.
2) It would be nice to find a lawyer would would want to take up our cause, probono, and for just for the notority of the issue and the future business opportunities it could bring to them.
3) Yes maybe we could start a group of citzens in Merrimack and elsewhere with a grassroots campaign of donations to help offset the legal expenses.
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