Dear MMK Selectmen.......

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Dear MMK Selectmen.......

Postby Mark Fitzgerald » Thu Apr 08, 2004 2:32 pm

As a Nashua native, and in hopes of re-establishing the earlier Solid Waste District to which both MMK and Nashua once belonged, please consider the following proposal:

Nashua, like MMK, has recently seen almost all (in MMK's case ALL) its commercial waste being transported to other facilities and along with it, the revenues that help support operations. Also like MMK, reducing our tipping fees will do nothing than change which pocket we take the money out of. This is devastating to Nashua, we obviously didn't bother to understand the solid waste market before digging a 40-acre hole. Our bad. Albeit, Nashua does have a new lined landfill that even at previous volumes would have supported the community's needs for the next 20 years.

Now then, MMK has a slightly different problem in that it must not only use tax money to pay for the staffing and operation of its transfer station, it must also pay for contracted labor rates to load and transport the waste, and pay again at the gate in Rochester. Here's the deal.......

You get to use our landfill at a reduced rate in exchange for ALL your volume. The catch??? We mean ALL your volume....Business 101. Its a win, win. Your total volumes reduce our overall costs, our reduced tipping fees reduce your overall costs. Now then, all we both need to figure out is how to assure all your volume goes through our gate......any ideas????

DA, please don't respond unless your a MMK Selectmen. This is strictly between a Nashua resident and them.
Mark Fitzgerald

Postby Mark Fitzgerald » Thu Apr 08, 2004 2:46 pm

PS - We forgive one of your board member's attempt last year to cut the funding for buses that bring the elderly to our hospitals..........but we refuse to give in on the tolls. To borrow a frequently used phrase...."YOU KNEW THIS WHEN YOU MOVED THERE".
Mark Fitzgerald

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