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Postby RBarnes » Fri Jan 21, 2005 11:36 am

Michael Thompson wrote:How would condo's benifit from curbside? In Manchester and many other communities Condo's don't get curbside since the roads are not public or up to code for the weight of the truck.

When curbside was offered the town made sure it would get a quote to cover ALL trash pick up within the town. The station supporters started the rumor that condos wouldn’t be covered under the curbside plan.

There were (and still are) so many hidden costs with the transfer station such as the $80,000+ under the school budget for trash pick up which would have been included under the 1.8 million quote we received for curbside that it’s still impossible to really say for sure how much we’re paying.

The station alone comes out to be over 1.3 million based on our budget books without even looking to other costs such as the trash pickup at the schools or any other trash related costs within the town. To get a fair cost of what this town pays each year in trash collections you also really do need to add what people pay private haulers… those costs would not be there if we had town curbside.

Think about it… two thirds of this town are estimated to be using haulers and we’re paying 1.3+ million (I’d guess close to 1.6 once all hidden costs are put in) for something that serves only the remaining third yet we had the option to pay 1.8 million to cover EVERYONE! And what we’d be paying in curbside would have been tax deductible from your federal taxes.

Michael Thompson wrote:Also, what would the cost be if you continued the TS as a drop facility for bruch and large items and construction trash?

Maybe Mark or Norm can answer that since they both served on the SWAC committee who looked into all the costs.

I know the prior curbside option that the town had the chance to vote on did include a bulky item drop point where the current facility is.

Michael Thompson wrote:I feel PAYT will be the best solution for everyone, this will give the people all choices without effect another persons taxes.

It was pointed out here before that when the idea of a transfer station was given to the town it was also pointed out that they felt the ONLY way it would truly work would be via PAYT. But alas you heard them this week when we went over that part of the budget, there are no plans at current time to consider putting an article up for a vote to go with PAYT on the part of the town. I believe it was Ed Chase that also said we need more data before we can come up with a true cost of what to charge.

On that point Ed is partly correct… Carol Lang pointed out as the year went on more and more residence started using the facility as evident by the increase late in the year in residential trash. That says to me that people are dumping their local haulers and self-hauling because they don’t want to be double charged. Problem will be is if we do switch to PAYT some people looking at having to pay for self service or pay for full service will switch back to using a hauler since at that point they will have the choice of what to pay for instead of having to pay for self haul no matter what as they do now. So the numbers will sway back to close to what we saw in the beginning of this year. And as I’m sure everyone here can figure out on their own… the less trash coming in causes an increase in the cost per ton due to costs that wont change with the amount of trash such as salaries, building and vehicle maintenance etc. So less people using it will increase the cost of PAYT… increase costs in PAYT will cause more people to see no savings in self-hauling vs full service… No value will cause more people to hire haulers again lowering the tonnage coming it… see the cycle? This is why I’ve said before I give that facility 5 years before this town comes to its senses and because of my very open political objections to that station for multiple reasons I’ve stated I would not author or sign any articles dealing with alternative options. I think this town has enough smart people that they will eventually wake up and draw the conclusions themselves.
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Postby Shannon Barnes » Fri Jan 21, 2005 11:57 am


Reminder...The $1.8M was a 1-year contract. Who would do that??? I am GUESSING at worst it would be equal to TS costs of $1.6M with a multi-year deal.

Also it is residents (the people), not residence(the building the people live in). I love you, but you couldn't spell your way out of a death sentence. Typical computer guy!

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