Split from town elections who is running?

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Re: town elections who is running?

Postby Fitzie » Wed Mar 02, 2011 4:51 pm

Dennis King wrote:[quote="Fitzie"
Get some help. Really. You view yourself as a victim of.....everyone and everything. Here's a news flash......you're not THAT important that people sit around thinking up ways to screw you.

This has nothing to do with me and everything thing to do with the town. My beef with Tim has nothing to do with PAYT, I was OK with his warrant, what I object to is using the warrant as an excuse to reopen the discussion on PAYT and then to suggest to the TC that they negate the very warrant article he brought forth supposedly for the people to decide. I believe he called it "leadership", I call it tyranny. Not sure if you can really see this attack on democracy since you have those kill the TS at all costs glasses on but you must be a liberal so democratic process is a waste of time. Funny, the same people who rammed through healthcare without even reading the bill are the same ones now who run away out of state to avoid losing the vote.

The ends never justifies the means. Once we abandon democracy and replace it with a government that "Forces" us to bend to their will, well then we are no longer free, tyranny now reigns in Merrimack and the taxpayers will now have to bend and stoop to the dictates of their sovereign lords and masters,

Dennis....WHY do you DO that? "bending to their will"?? "we are no longer free"??? "lords and masters"????? Please..............

I don't need to wear kill the TS glasses......it did that all by itself. It was always going to happen, as much as it pains you to hear that. I alone can't kill it and YOU can't save it.

You know what's funny Dennis? YOU complaining about the "will of the people". You urinate on it when it suits YOU yet hold it up as gospel when things don't go your way. You are as transparent as plastic wrap. Funny but I don't recall hearing the word "tyranny" uttered from you when the old BOS urinated....literally....on the will of the people to NOT have a TS in a residential zone. I think you at that time applauded the decision. You're a funny guy Dennis, just not in the "ha ha" sense.

Now then, do you continue to support your position of late February that MMK should seek town-wide CS and ask the vendor to run the TS? Yes or No?
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Re: Split from town elections who is running?

Postby RBarnes » Wed Mar 02, 2011 5:10 pm


Since you are clearly against PAYT I'd like to hear your suggestion then for making the station work.

Let's look at facts..

1) The million in savings originally promised when the station was suggested never came true.

2) We currently pay over $1.6 million a year with other costs hidden within the Merrimack budget. If I had to guess I'd put the current cost at closer to $2 million.

3) The tipping fee contract is due to expire in 2012.

4) It is assumed by some that the tipping fee amount we pay could as much as double when the new contract is figured.

5) Currently the tipping fee equates to around $900,000 of the cost. This means we could see the cost of the station jump to $2.5 or $3 million in the next year.

6) Curbside for the entire town would have cost us $1.8 million a year and included recycling and a bulky item drop off spot for that amount.

7) We currently gave out around 4500 stickers for this past year to people living in Merrimack. Some homes have multiple stickers for multiple cars (I for instance have 3). Some residents took stickers only because they use the park and the stickers are used as validation for who is allowed at the park.

8) Merrimack has around 9,000 dwellings made up of 6500 homes and 2500 condos (your numbers).

9) The stickers given were given to both home and condo owners (see the note about some being used by people who wanted access to the park and lake).

Do you disagree with any of the above facts?

Assuming absolute best case, that every single one of the 4500 stickers is to a different home (which we know isn't the case) and that every one of those homes uses the station, and assuming the absolute lowest cost ($1.6 million) we find ourselves paying $355 for each person using that station.

Curbside would have had to have jumped from $1.8 million to $3.2 million for it to cost as much per home as we're currently paying for the transfer station. If we were able to still get it for $1.8 million we'd be paying just $162 per household.

Those costs do not factor any outside costs in like how much we spend in gas dragging trash across town. How much ware and tare we do to our cars filling them with trash cans. How much extra we spend for trailers to haul our trash. How much is spent by those not using the station for private haulers. None of that is accounted for here. Just the basic numbers.

Given this how can you not admit that the station isn't failing and costing us a ridiculous amount per user?

And if you are at least honest to admit that $355 per person using it is ridiculous then how would you propose the town make it work or what better solution would you propose?

Just a quick search on the internet I found a garbage hauling business in NH who on a private level will pick up your trash for $260 a year. If we as an entire town contracted together we'd get a far better rate then that I'm sure but even just opening it up to the open market we'd pay less per person then we do now. Heck, the town could turn around and let every current station user hire the hauler of your choice and pay your bill and we'd be paying less then we do now.
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Re: Split from town elections who is running?

Postby Dennis King » Wed Mar 02, 2011 7:51 pm

Rick, PAYT and CS are two different issues. For some reason, people keep linking them as if we have curbside, we must have PAYT.

I do feel we should look into townwide curbside and still feel this way. The thing I object to is the mandatory PAYT. Something about mandatory that irks me.

Now that Concord has mandatory PAYT, they have a 43% recycling rate. Amazing that even with the state mandating you to comply, more people choose to pay for the bags or to hire a private hauler. Now we currently have a 15-20% recycling rate (this is what Mr. Seymour said). Now what if we simply put up a thermometer type of marker on the side of the building with 45% as our goal, bet with just encouraging people we get much closer and without the wasted $95,000 in "bag administration" and of course the extra costs of "bag police".

Most of the trash is paper so I am tired of hearing how the TS is destroying the planet, paper is biodegradable.
Of course there is the cost to transport it to the landfill but funny, most CS vendors do not offer recycling probably because their customers are not asking for it.

I see the future and a townwide CS program will go over far better with voluntary recycling, not the stupid bags. I hate "Forcing" people, why not just encourage them to do the right thing and make it easy for them to do so. Findlay was right, we need to come up with a plan for all the taxpayers to choose but PAYT should not be the answer, you can do much better but simply encouraging people and in the contract with the townwide vendor, offer recycling as part of the CS offered but not in separate bags, maybe a sticker for the recycling can would do.
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Re: Split from town elections who is running?

Postby Tom Mahon » Wed Mar 02, 2011 8:41 pm

Empty wallets,
Inaccurate (again) on hirng 5 police officers when Obama took office. The only officer we have added is the School Resource Officer at the Middle School which was done BEFORE Obama took office.

Ask you again, Enumerate the 7 times you claim that the town has been asked to vote on PAYT.
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