PAYT is now SAYT?

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PAYT is now SAYT?

Postby Dennis King » Sun Oct 24, 2010 10:18 am

I guess the "education" has already started, now the TC is calling PAY and you throw, SAVE and you throw. Wonder who is saving? The town estimates it will bring in $800,000. To me, this is just a back door tax. Here is another way to look at it, the whole town needs to pay for this $800,000 short fall because of UNION PENSIONS. Why are we getting the money from only one group of taxpayers (again this divide and conquer stuff).

First of all, the $800,000 is from last years numbers, according to Tom Mahon, the use of the recycling center has gone up 50% (although not the 75% of "other towns" but I see this as a learning curve, heck, we just started this, we should give it a try. My point here is even if you look at the 50% increase number, that so called $800,000 in revenue would have to decline to $400,000 if the goal was to make up for the so called "inequity" or extra cost to run the TS. But why is the TM using the $800,000 figure anyway, simple, double the cost of the bags and now even with people working to cut their costs down, heck, a new revenue stream is now in place and if the choice is to cut union jobs (which are the reason we have to pay these extra taxes in the first place) or to simple raise taxes over and over (but only after you have "education" aka demonetization of one group of tax payers. You want to go a la cart on town services, fine, I no longer use the schools, that should save me 60 percent or more, used the library probably 10 times in all the years I have lived here but do not recall ever taking out a book, I would be happy to turn in my library card (if I could find it) and no longer pay the million it cost to run. We can go on and on, the condo's who pay for the lifestyle of a condo pay for trash removal as part of their fees, they are also taxed at a lower rate yet have a higher density of children.

So now our TC will try and convince us that we are Saving instead of Paying, this is what passes as "leadership" these days. I do wish Dan success in his exploration. First, why does town curbside come as a given with PAYT? Seems big government Tom Mahon through that out and all accepted it as a fact. The original idea was to stick it to the self haulers but it appears the real agenda here is to close the TS after literally spending millions for it. Crazy idea but what should save even more than the $800,000 short fall is to PRIVATIZE the TS, now this would save us money and leave us with the freedom that is our birthright. It should not be a big deal to throw away your trash!
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