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Postby Fitzie » Tue Jan 04, 2011 12:17 pm

Boy, how some things never change. The reason of course, and this is for your specific benefit Dennis, is that the TS never made sense economically or logistically for a Town such as MMK. This issue will continue to rise up because....well....anyone who comes into a position of authority in Town will undoubtedly view it for the mess it is.

Now before I hear the expected "you guys lost" stuff just remember this: We only "lost" because the admin at the time spent more energy trying to cover their ineptitude leading up to the landfill closure than they did on the solution. Had they been interested in the best solution for the greatest number of residents the answer would have been crystal it remains to this day. Unfortunately Dennis bad decisions don't get better over time.

The town of MMK will have curbside because its the best solution. Period.

Hello to all my old friends....and enemies. :D
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