BOS vote to put forward 3 Solid Waste Articles

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Postby Mark Fitzgerald » Sun Dec 29, 2002 7:22 pm

Devil's Advocate,

You have your opinion and I have mine, but please don't continually try and tie the social situation surrounding the existing site with what the best solid waste solution is for the entire town. It seems to me you are trying associate people's dislike for "us" with curbside collection of waste and recycling. The two have nothing to do with one another and I can tell you're bright enough to realize this. Its a similar tactic to the one we saw used by a Selectmen a few weeks ago about "all those people with their half-million dollar houses knew what they were getting into". Number one the statement is grossly incorrect but more importantly it has zero to do with deciding which option is better for our town. Aside from the fact that the voters very clearly stated last year they did not want any new facility in a residential area, the circumstances of those living near the existing site have nothing to do with which solid waste program best fits our community. Please stop trying to tie the two together.

If industrial land fell out of the sky for $0.00 I would still be against building a transfer station without PAYT as part of the program. I spoke against the Mast Road proposal for this specific reason.

As far as what caused the old site to be taken down, that had been determined a long time ago and I believe the hatred we saw by "the duff man" was a setup to provide the justification. The timing was a little to coincidental.
Mark Fitzgerald


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