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Just In Case You Wonder What All These Numbers Are

PostPosted: Mon Aug 18, 2008 3:48 pm
by Andy Sylvia
This is a continuation of the HB 1 Charrette I tried to start last week.

I will do my best not to get distracted again. Ignoring the facts on the ground of our budget is just as dangerous as ignoring the facts on the ground with other issues we face as a state and as a nation.

If you have any questions about certain issues and you are a Merrimack voter or know one if you're from out of town, I'd love to talk to you/them in person, and if possible, share the discussion about the concerns and where I stand on them.

I apologize, but it appears that I will not have any time for the forum in any other capacity from here until election day. I'll post these during the day Mondays through Wednesdays.