I'll Probably Be Back On Monday

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Re: I'll Probably Be Back On Monday

Postby Andy Sylvia » Mon Aug 18, 2008 9:15 pm

Wow. Looks like I missed an interesting weekend.... :)
Andy Sylvia
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Re: I'll Probably Be Back On Monday

Postby platypusman » Mon Aug 18, 2008 9:23 pm

Andy Sylvia wrote:Wow. Looks like I missed an interesting weekend.... :)

Andy any reconsideration on taking a definitive position on broad based taxes?
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Re: Rowland may have to pay a large settlement

Postby rowland » Tue Aug 19, 2008 12:56 pm

RD wrote:
rowland wrote:some piece of deadwood living off OUR tax dollars.

Ever hear of the term slander, Neil Rowland of Fremont @ 603-244-1652? Can you afford to try to defend your slanderous statements about me in court?

Oh boy another legal threat from a left wing bully. I offered a plausible theory supported by the evidence of your own pattern of posts, and the HHS is far from the most reputable government agency. I think a lawsuit would expose your employer to even more adverse publicity than they already face.

Glad to see you waited until you were on your own time to post this one. But those thousands of posts from work indicate you are not earning your paycheck. Maybe it's the fault of bad management and you have no backlog, but have too little work to do due to a logjam above you or a bloated staff. Are you willing to throw your superiors under the bus to defend yourself? And you'd still be deadwood of one kind or another, whether you're neglecting your work or merely neglecting to hold your superiors accountable to the taxpayers for under utilizing you.

So much for the quantity and origin of your posts. The actual CONTENT of your posts establishes you as a blustering bully. You are either very angry or very fearful or both. You can show no just cause for being angry so it is more likely that you are afraid. And the most likely thing for you to be afraid of is losing your free meal ticket at taxpayers' expense. Can you refute this theory?

Can you afford to lose THAT? If you could then self respect would have moved you to find another employer long ago. No one with any sense of honor would work for HHS unless he were very hard up. I don't think you would dare sue anyone here. The discovery process alone would humiliate you. And the publicity!

Now ask yourself whether YOU could be sued for any of the nasty things you've posted here.

By the way I'm self employed working from home and I charge by completed work not by hours, so I'll post as much as I like so long as I meet my deadlines. I'll never be able to post as much as you do because I have to work for a living.

I wonder if Jeremy Semprebon ever threatened to sue anyone.
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