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Re: Mall Sign

Postby mglr536 » Sat Jun 09, 2012 9:49 am

At least the Mall sign doesn't look tacky like all the "flag/sail signs" that litter our town. If you really want to complain about eyesore signage just travel down DW Highway...
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Re: Mall Sign

Postby JMac1000 » Sat Jun 09, 2012 10:26 am

MMK wrote:
Jeannine Stergios wrote:JMAC

No offense intended, but you knew this mall was coming years ago and you had ample time to move. Instead, you have chosen to spend your life in bitterness and pettiness over something that isn't going away. Either accept it or sell your home. Personally, I would have moved once I was certain the mall was going to be a reality. Merrimack is a big town and there are thousands of homes that aren't anywhere near that mall.


No offense intended Jeannine? I wish I could say I am not offended. I am. I would not speak with you that way.

I have every right in a free country to speak out and hold people to their promises. Is it reasonable to expect elected officials and Planning Board volunteers to be honest? We were told there would be no visuals of this mall property l during the Planning process. that is NOT the case. We were told Blasting would be carefully managed and low risk. That was not the case, and people, including Town Councilors have alleged damage. We were told the lighting would not be seen. The lighting is clearly seen. And by the way, selling your house is a breeze these days, isn't it. We have homes on the market for over a year. That said you are not aware that I dont abut the mall, and cannot see it from my home. I am a couple thousand feet away..... I do not need to sell. If I was an abutter I may have. its pretty nervy of you to expect me to sell my house when all I expect at this point is promises kept. Perhaps you do not know I do not abut the mall and do not see the mall from my home (expect for the lights). You don't care Jeannine because its not affecting you. I surely understand Perhaps you are naive enough to believe you are going to get a tax benefit from this.

There are plenty of causes you are passionate and outspoken about, though you are not personally impacted. Same here. As Tom Petty would say "I WON'T BACK DOWN!"
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Re: Mall Sign

Postby FromMerrimack » Sat Jun 09, 2012 1:43 pm

As I've seen a lot a development in town in my 'few' years of being around I am still confused as to what non-owner abutters have a right to expect in their back yards on property that they do not own and do not pay taxes on. I have always been a believer that if you want control of somebody elses property then maybe you should buy it!! Really simple. I still believe this in the Outlet case. To JMac and anybody else that wants to cry woe is me - if you wanted control of land not your own, you should have BOUGHT IT! Because you didn't and because you think we will allow that any development will be subject to your approval is really, really naive. I supported the Outlet project and I still do. I've been through the Whittier and Sargent Acres neighborhoods and I see no foul. I've seen the new sign. No foul. So far, all I heard from non-supporters is as Jeannine has said is "bitterness and pettiness" from a vocal very few of the NIMBY variety. BTW - to keep on topic - I love the new sign! We now have a new landmark in town. Welcome to Merrimack!
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