Job Hunting

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Job Hunting

Postby Concerned » Thu Jul 02, 2009 6:24 pm

We are still losing 400,000-500,000 jobs per month in America with many of them in the local area and on this forum.

Part of the outplacement counseling you will receive is to not underestimate your capabilities and value to prosepctive employers. Just because the economy is down, you do not need to sell yourself short the counselors will tell you.

So, part of my reasearch when looking for new employment is to dermine what kinds of salaries are being paid for people with my expertise (25+years in the same field) and skill set across the USA. Of course, It varies significantly by region but you have to be strong and get what you rightfully deserve they will tell you. (That's because it's their job to tell you that).

There are many links you can go to and they all have different opinions. So I looked for large companies that would have a good cross section of all types of jobs - not just in my field. This gives you a better perspective on what the overall salary structure is from the mail clerk to the CEO at each company and helps you judge what your asking price should be.

Thsi is the best site I have come across to determine your true value - if this copmapny feels these salaries are prudent then you know it has to be a true indicator of other companies... ... raft12.pdf

Good luck to everyone facing the prospect of needing to find a new career. It is not going to be easy. Keep firm in your demands - remember there are only 500,000 other people starting the same process each month. If the average time to find a new job is 6 months that's only 3 million people possibly applying for the job you want at any given time...

Please pass along any other useful tips you may have.
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Re: Job Hunting

Postby Michael Pelletier » Fri Jul 03, 2009 2:43 am

Raytheon is hiring at a good clip - there's about 1,500 positions open in the company worldwide, and hundreds of them are in Mass. or NH. I'll be happy to enter folks into the employee referral site, just send me your e-mail address if you're not already registered at Raytheon's jobs site. Any applications you submit via the referral link will be flagged in the system as an employee referral, which hopefully will give you a bit of an edge over the competition.
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