Costly Cell phone spam

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Costly Cell phone spam

Postby TonyRichardson » Sun May 24, 2009 3:41 pm

FYI - there are some companies scamming with cell phone text messages.

These are sent to cell phones as "premium service" text messages and causes your carrier to charge you for the message.
The header info that shows up is cryptic and this tends to make you open it to see what it is.
When you do open the message you get charged for the "premium service".
Generally $9.95 each from the ones my wife and I have received.

You can get your carrier to remove the charges if you call customer service, but the only sure way to stop it is to have your carrier block the premium text service. A problem if you actually use that feature on your phone.

In any case, be aware of this latest scam.
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